9 Tips for Twitter Lead Generation


Twitter can be an overwhelming social media platform to get to know if you get lost in the post feed or have no defined strategy for where to focus your efforts. Furthermore, social media success is often defined in terms of different types of engagement, when what you really want is to use the platform […]

How to Keep Your Twitter Followers and Gain New Ones

Why am I losing Twitter followers?

Twitter, being a social media platform, is prone to the unspoken laws of human nature. Just like any social outlet in your day-to-day life, people can react in unexpected ways to your online behavior. You might not be able to figure out why some people decide to stop following you; perhaps it’s just something personal […]

7 Key Factors of a Great Twitter Bio That Attracts Followers

7 Key Factors of a Great Twitter Bio that Attracts Followers

Before you even start working on your Twitter digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that your Twitter profile is well-tailored to attracting more followers and higher engagement. By making sure that your Twitter bio introduces your business, describes what you do, and shows the kind of content followers should expect, you will make yourself memorable, get people […]

15 Favorite Tools to Get The Most of Your Twitter Account

Tools for Twitter

Audiense In order to stay informed about your audience’s interests, I recommend the Audiense service. It provides detailed reporting for many different parameters. Thanks to that, you will be able to make posts which are of more interest for your audience. Bitly Create all links through trimmer services which provide statistics. I recommend Bitly. First […]

Go Further and Make Your Twitter Account a Great Content Source

As we saw in our previous post “How to build your brand on Twitter from scratch” there are several, and relevant, things we have to do if we want to reach more more people on Twitter. All with one final purpose: the more people who know you,the more people who could buy your products/services. Just […]

How to Build Your Brand on Twitter From Scratch

Build Your Brand on Twitter

Your brand is not a beautiful logo, neither a high-quality development, and even not your company name. Your brand is what your customers see in your company. And it is wonderful, if what your PR-manager does in social networks is in accord with what your customers see in you. Building a right vision is hard, […]

How to Find Prospects for Your Business

How to Find Prospects for Your Business

Twitter is one of the better places to find prospects for your business, as hundreds of people could be talking about your product right now. If you are in the right place at the right time, you will have a great opportunity to reach them. Identify Prospects You know your product, and know how users […]