15 Favorite Tools to Get The Most of Your Twitter Account

Tools for Twitter


In order to stay informed about your audience’s interests, I recommend the Audiense service. It provides detailed reporting for many different parameters. Thanks to that, you will be able to make posts which are of more interest for your audience.

Audience dashboard

Audience dashboard


Create all links through trimmer services which provide statistics. I recommend Bitly. First of all, this service is free. Secondly, you get detailed conversion statistics. Thirdly, custom links can be created.

Bitly Statistics

Bitly Statistics

Characters and words counter

Characters and words counter enables you to calculate the amount of symbols in the selected text fragment with a single click. It often helps me when I compose posts for Twitter.

Characters and words counter contects menu


The majority of us will eventually die, if not everyone. Judging from my experience, a correct and made in due time will can make the life of all our remaining relatives considerably easier. Many of us don’t understand this. Besides, most people aren’t aware that apart from a house and a million in a bank they also have data in social networks and cloud services. These data can also become necessary for your relatives after your death. So how can we bequeath our data on Twitter?

It’s simple. You should go to a corresponding page and make a request for the account access right:

Twitter's Privacy Form

Twitter’s Privacy Form


Digi.me is a program which automatically downloads all the data from Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, Twitter and Viadeo.

Digi.me Dashboard

Digi.me Dashboard


Jooicer is a service for automating interaction and attracting Twitter users. Just set the rules, and the service will do everything for you.

Jooicer's Statistics

Jooicer’s Statistics


If you need to track mentions in social networks, consider the Mention service.

Mention Dashboard

Mention Dashboard

Here you will have many smart options, such as group work and detailed mentions reports. Thanks to the latter, you will easily be able to form the list of “useful” accounts which help to promote your service.


If you don’t know what content to post on Twitter, use the Quuu service. It provides sets of manually selected posts on various subjects and publishes them in your Twitter feed on a daily basis.

Why Quuu?

Why Quuu?


With the help of the RiteTag service you can find out how much popular this or that tag will become. Besides, the service will automatically suggest most popular thematic tags.

RiteTag suggests tags for you

RiteTag suggests tags for you


Upon a click of a registered user, Twitter Riffle will show the account summary: its origin, the number of tweets and retweets, the devices in use, etc.

User's info by Riffle

User’s info by Riffle


SocialPilot enables you to customize reposts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn:

SocialPilot Dashboard

SocialPilot Dashboard


The TwimeMachine service facilitates the search among your own posts on Twitter:

TwimeMachine's search results

TwimeMachine’s search results

Twitter Counter

The Twitter Counter add-in reflects the statistics of your tweets:

Twit statistics by Twitter Counter

Twit statistics by Twitter Counter

All you need to do is to install the add-in and enable access to your Twitter account.

Twitter List Copy

Twitter has such a fantastic option as user lists. With the help of these lists you can “filter” your feed by different areas of interest and read only the most useful posts. Many users create public lists. Their advantage is that they feature the users which you would never be able to find yourself. If you don’t want to read through the whole public list, you can copy its members to your user list.

Twitter List Copy is designed exactly for this purpose. The service has as few settings as possible:

1. Indicate the name of the Twitter user whose user list you need
2. Select the original list
3. Select your list
4. Done!


For tracking the mentions of my blog on Twitter I use Warble. This free service sends notifications to your e-mail when some Twitter user mentions the words related to your website.

Warble options

Warble options

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