How to Build Your Brand on Twitter From Scratch

Build Your Brand on Twitter

Your brand is not a beautiful logo, neither a high-quality development, and even not your company name. Your brand is what your customers see in your company. And it is wonderful, if what your PR-manager does in social networks is in accord with what your customers see in you.

Building a right vision is hard, even in the very beginning. So, here are several simple advices of how to show your loyalty and friendliness to your current and future customers on Twitter.

First impressions are most lasting

Of course, the first thing a visitor sees is your profile. It is obvious! However, many times I had come up against a situation, when I was not sure if some Twitter account was thte representative of the company I was interested in.

So, make sure of several things:

  1. Account name is the same or similar to your brand name
  2. It is stated in your account info that you are the company representative
  3. There is a link to your company official website
  4. Colours of your profile design are the same as your company colours



Tell about yourself

You have created a beautiful Twitter account with the right description and so on. But there is still one big problem… No one knows about you.


You feel lonely, don’t you?

Of course, before making any moves as for getting the attention of your followers, you need to start activity in your account. No one will follow Twitter account without any tweets. To begin, you need to create as much useful, interesting and relevant content, as possible.


Your tweets must be fit the interests of your future audience. Do not post only about your company. Entertain your followers with interesting quotes, articles from external sources. Tweet kitties and one-of-a-kind content. Why follow your on Twitter if the same information is on Facebook?

Pin one of the tweets to your profile page. This tweet should reflect your company vision, and also draw attention at once.


Need help?

  • SocialPilot is the service for social media crossposting scheduling. With its help, you can save time, and keep your followers entertained.
  • If you do not know what content to tweet, you may use Quuu with Buffer. With Quuu you can set, manually,several topics to send post to Twitter several times a day through your Buffer account.

Notify your current audience that You are in Twitter

You should start attracting followers to your Twitter with your current customer base. What you can do first is post Follow-block on your website, it will let your visitors know about your social networks presence.


If you have a blog, do not hesitate to offer your readers to follow your Twitter at the end of each post.

Also pop-up notifications will serve well in telling your new and current visitors about your Twitter or any other social network.

PopupImage Source: AddThis

Need help?

  • AddThis is a great tool for engagement your website audience. Set share buttons, follow-blocks, pop-up messages, and tell them about the most interesting things.

The next step is tell to your other social networks followers about your Twitter. Post information about your new Twitter account there. Do not forget to tell about the advantages of following you on this social network and attach a nice picture.

After you let know to your current followers about your Twitter, it’s time to look for the new followers, who know nothing about you yet.

How to engage with the Twitter community to attract followers?

Until now, I was telling about how to prepare your account for attracting new followers.

But attracting followers is only half the battle. The other half is constant communication with your audience. I think that any company, not depending on its popularity in the social network, must answer every follower’s question or comment.

For that end, search your company keywords on Twitter. And start engaging with all the relevant accounts. Retweet, like, follow, comment. If your account is interesting, you only need to direct your possible followers’ attention to it.

Need help?

  • Track references to your brand on Twitter. For that, I use Warble service. It is free of charge and it emails you when someone on Twitter mentions words or whatever connected to your company.

WarbleImage Source: Warble

  • If you need to track not only Twitter references but also references on other social networks, pay attention to Mention service.

MentionImage Source: Mention

  • To keep up with the interests of your audience, I recommend Audiense (previously SocialBro). This service allows you to get detailed reports according to a number of parameters. Thanks to that, you can post the tweets that are the most interesting for your audience.

AudienseImage Source: Audiense

Gaining influential followers (influencers) will help you in developing your brand in future. You must get on track with them. Consider their opinion. Ask them to tell about some new feature of your service.

Ninja Outreach is another tool for brand promotion on Twitter. With the help of Social Prospecting tool you will easily find popular bloggers, users or journalists in this social network.
Insert the necessary key words and launch a search. The tool will immediately find appropriate accounts and provide basic information on them. After that you will only have to contact the person and start promoting your brand using his or her connections.

Ninja Outreach Search Tool

Ninja Outreach Search Tool

The search results can be saved so that you could work with them later.

What can Jooicer do for You?

Jooicer is the service for engagement and attracting new followers to your Twitter account. With the help of quick settings You can follow your competitors’ followers, or follow users based in keywords in their bios, also You can give likes to tweets that contains several keywords. All of this even filtering by location and language.



Also Jooicer provides several “Account Curation” modules for avoiding a Twitter account with hundreds of users that don’t follow you back or favorited Tweets.


Every communication starts with the greeting. Greet your new followers via message, either personal or in the tweet.

The main thing is not to overdo with your greeting text. Not everyone likes auto messages. Try to make your text more “lifelike”. Greet a new person using his name, tell him what you can do for him.


You can have 5 extra trial days signing up with my invitation


When users get the notification about your account following them or having “liked” their tweets, they go to look at your profile. If you fulfilled all the recommendations above, then your new visitors will see beautiful profile, read right “about you”, see pinned tweet. They will be able at once form an opinion about what your company does.  If you were able to make them interested, you get the new followers.

Thanks to your knowledge of your audience and close interaction, you can easily attract new followers to your account and keep your current followers entertained. In the course of time, you will notice that the number of your followers grows independently, not due to your activity. People will recommend each other to follow your account.

After making these simple steps, you will see how the number of your Twitter followers increases.

TrendImage Source: Audiense

Of course, to retain your new followers for a long time, you need to make efforts. Continue posting interesting tweets, communicate with your followers. Not all the follower are going to be your company’s customers, but they may be still interested in your brand, so they may promote it via likes and retweets.

Recommended tools

Use these tools to interact with Twitter audience, and you will be able to boost the number of your followers quickly.

  1. Head and hands
  2. AddThis
  3. Quuu
  4. Buffer
  5. SocialPilot
  6. Mention
  7. Ninja Outreach
  8. Warble
  9. Audiense (previously SocialBro)
  10. Jooicer

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