How to Find Prospects for Your Business

How to Find Prospects for Your Business

Twitter is one of the better places to find prospects for your business, as hundreds of people could be talking about your product right now. If you are in the right place at the right time, you will have a great opportunity to reach them.

Identify Prospects

You know your product, and know how users talk when they are in need of it. You have to be able to recognize, among thousands of tweets, the buying signals that users make.

There are direct buying signals like I need a new cellphone, assuming you sell cellphones, and there are other indirect and more subtle signals like I lost my cellphone or I can’t install it in my OldModelName.

If you have done some Adwords campaigns, you will know the importance of choosing good keywords.

Take your time time choosing your keywords, as this is an important task and the success of your entire strategy will depend on how accurate they are. Spend time researching about your customers on Twitter, how they speak, what words they use. Look at their tweets, what they retweet, when they participate in a conversation… etc. Know your current customers to identify your prospects.

Attract Their Attention

Now that you have identified a prospect, you want them to know about you. How you interact is up to you – if your prospects are limited, you’ll want to interact with them directly, but if you have thousands of prospects (you have a product for mass audiences like ebooks about weight loss, a SaaS invoice… etc), then you will prefer to attract their attention first and then start to interact with them.

There are several tools that can help you to attract their attention, Jooicer is one of them and it has probed a great source in this task.

Have you been successful with a similar strategy? Let us know, we want to know about you.

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