Go Further and Make Your Twitter Account a Great Content Source

As we saw in our previous post “How to build your brand on Twitter from scratch” there are several, and relevant, things we have to do if we want to reach more more people on Twitter. All with one final purpose: the more people who know you,the more people who could buy your products/services.

Just to remember these must-do were: explain in a clearly way who you are and what you do, call attention of targeted users and thereby gain audience, interact and take care of them, and provide frequently good content to engage them more and more.

Have you ever think how much time this is going to take?

To be clearly honest: do all of this and also work on day by day is a big effort for anyone. We should think case by case to know the impact in our daily life:

  • Explain clear who you are and what you do is something you do once and that’s all.
  • Interact with your audience could be pretty easy and satisfying if you like talking to another people (you always can do it with your smartphone in free times).
  • Share great content day after day… this is a little bit tedious because is mine work and at the end of the month you would have been spent tons of hours… let’s focus on this.

Sharing Content: how can you do it by yourself?

Without any kind of doubt, the effort of seek for interesting, new and fresh content to post frecuently is the harderst, and from my point of view there is nothing worse that a twitter account with big gaps between tweet and tweet.

Just think in the sensation you have when you go to a business’ timeline and the last tweet is from 1-2 months ago… Are they still alive? They don’t care of their social networks? therefore their customers? in my opinion Twitter is not mandatory, so for business sometimes is better not to be that being in this way.

But if you want to be, and you want to engage your audience there are several ways for feeding your timeline with great content. And if want to get the best I suggest you the following:

  • If you find something great post it and be grateful. Is much better write a little text, with a mention of the original writer/source, than just a RT. In this case you could also start a conversation around this topic with the creators or whoever that comment it.
  • Create your own content. Always that you can, go ahead. For sure you could not make own content daily (ideas are limited and time too) but whenever you can, do it. Also, a good point is to pin your best posts into your timeline. Then all users that come to your profile will see it, and with a little bit of luck it could become highly shareable and even viral.
  • Become a content curator. Attending to the definition from Wikipedia; “Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.” and also add: “Content curation is not a new phenomenon. Museums and galleries have curators to select items for collection and display. There are also curators in the world of media, for instance DJs of radio stations tasked with selecting songs to be played over the air.” Obviously, the area of your interest should be your market or that what you want to position.


7 steps for becoming a Content Curator

If you want to look for great content, to share with your audience, what you should do is something like the following:

  1. Search for reference blogs or influencers that write about that. You can use webs very useful like buzzsumoepicbeat or simply search in Google.
  2. Once localized several sites you should extract all the urls from the posts. For that purpose you can count with sites like xmlSiteMapGenerator that will go over the entire web extracting all the different urls.
  3. To know which urls are the most popular (those that more probably will interest your audience) there are services like sharedcount that gives you the total shares in the main social networls. (* You can use the bulk upload to do at same time for all the urls obtained on the previous point).
  4. With that list you should sort by the criteria you think is better (FB likes, Tweets, whatever).
  5. Take a look at the XXX first articles just in case there is something you don’t expect or you don’t want to share.
  6. Schedule the articles into your timeline for what you can use apps like buffer.
  7. Whenever you are going out of new articles repeat from points 1 to 6.

Tired? Do you know that this is exactly what Jooicer can do for you on the Premium Plan?


Although you can make all this work by your own don’t panic. Because, fortunately, you can delegate many tasks to third parties and spend this precious time on what really matters.

But I strongly suggest you not losing the control or the quality in what you are offering and, of course, still looking natural and social.

That’s the main point. If not, why are you in social networks if don’t like to be social?

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