7 Key Factors of a Great Twitter Bio That Attracts Followers

7 Key Factors of a Great Twitter Bio that Attracts Followers

Before you even start working on your Twitter digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that your Twitter profile is well-tailored to attracting more followers and higher engagement.

By making sure that your Twitter bio introduces your business, describes what you do, and shows the kind of content followers should expect, you will make yourself memorable, get people to follow you, build new relationships, and attract like-minded Tweeps.

Therefore, you must use your profile to accurately describe yourself in the way you want to be perceived. This guide contains the essential ingredients of a persuasive bio. Through such a bio, you will get a Twitter boost to attract more followers.

Challenges to Creating a Compelling Twitter Bio

Some of the reasons why novices and social media experts alike have a hard time creating a bio that can grow natural Twitter followers include:

a) Space

For starters, you only have 160 characters. This allowance doesn’t provide enough room to ensure the world knows just how awesome you are and what your business does to help people.

b) Search Results

If you already have a Twitter account, your bio will always appear on search results whenever anyone looks up your name. As such, your Twitter profile ranks among the most visible of online descriptions of you, what you are, and what you do.

c) Predictable vs. Outstanding

When you read a couple of bios on Twitter, it will be like you’ve read them all since most profiles on this platform are predictable.

Therefore, you need to be super-creative and original to get noticed.

d) Perceptions

If your profile looks ordinary, it is highly likely that people will think that your account is fake. One good way to ensure people believe that you are fake is by leaving the infamous Twitter egg on your profile picture.

e) Humor

Most of the Twitter accounts with the greatest follower count tend to have hilarious bios. Few people can match this level of humor.

f) Creativity

It is something hard to be creative.

g) Self-Promotion

Similarly, it isn’t easy to promote yourself because you will come off looking narcissistic, arrogant, or selfish.

That said, you shouldn’t be afraid of crafting a bio and profile that will boost Twitter followers and help your brand grow. In fact, the whole point of a bio is that you post stuff about you.

Although some people won’t like you, you shouldn’t worry.
Those who matter to your business idea and who are genuinely interested in the content you post will follow, DM, retweet, and like your posts.

Therefore, use the following strategy to help you create a profile that will give you a powerful Twitter boost:

Key Ingredients to an Ingenious Twitter Profile

So, what exactly goes into a description to make it captivating? What should you say to grow natural Twitter followers? How are you going to format your profile to make it irresistible to your target users?

Consider the following:

1. Accuracy

For starters, you MUST always ensure that the information on your Twitter profile and bio is as accurate as possible. It should, to this end, tell people who you are and what you do.

By focusing on your best qualities, you will be able to pitch your real, unbiased identity on Twitter. Although you might be tempted to make it humorous, a better strategy would be to format your bio in such a way that people can know who you are.

TIP: Remember, people will want to follow you because of what you do and not what you assume to be witty, quirky, or funny.

2. Cool Factor

Secondly, you should ensure that your profile is cool and exciting. Twitter was created to help individuals and brands generate buzz and excitement. Therefore, you must use optimistic verbiage and an upbeat tone to add pizzazz and boost Twitter followers.

3. Targeting

Where possible, target the message in your bio to attract like-minded people and brands. Twitter is a great platform for interacting with people in your niche. To get people to take you seriously, you must use buzzwords that are common in the niche.

Most of your new followers will come after you start using targeted words because they will understand you share a common goal.
Therefore, ensure you add specific words to describe someone in your business, occupation, or role.

4. Flattering

In the same way, an impactful profile designed to grow natural Twitter followers is flattering. It talks about the accomplishments of the person/brand who owns the account.

Here, you should think of your bio as a sort of short resume. Therefore, you must use it to communicate the value you provide, and why people should follow you. One great way to achieve this goal is to describe your accomplishments, what you’ve done, what you do, and the value you contribute.

5. Humanizing and Legitimate

Strive to ensure people don’t see yours as a fake profile. Apart from adding a real photo or logo to your profile, you should also ensure that your bio has elements of the real you. Remember, people only tend to follow profiles that communicate humanity, authenticity, and legitimacy.

6. Intrigue

It is also vital that you make your profile intriguing by inviting people to hit the FOLLOW button. A single word matching your profile picture will make your targets want to know more about you and get them to follow your account.

7. Connection

Connect your profile to other sources of information that people can check out to find out more about your identity. In this, you should use links, hashtags, and @s.

For instance, if you are into social media marketing, add #SMM so your bio connects to other mentions of #SMM on Twitter. Similarly, if you work at a given company, link to the firm using the @ sign. Last but not least, add outbound links to your blog or company website.

Concluding Thoughts

Braced for the challenge to grow natural twitter followers? Then you should ensure that your bio contains all the essential ingredients we’ve listed above. Although it will take some time, and a couple of tries, before you nail your profile, the results will be amazing. Use this guide and watch as you get the Twitter boost that will continue attracting more followers by the day. The concepts to compose this article was extracted from an amazing post from Neil Patel.

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