9 Tips for Twitter Lead Generation


Twitter can be an overwhelming social media platform to get to know if you get lost in the post feed or have no defined strategy for where to focus your efforts. Furthermore, social media success is often defined in terms of different types of engagement, when what you really want is to use the platform to generate leads for your business.

There’s definitely more to Twitter than rushed 140 character updates. Here are 9 tips for Twitter lead generation, focusing only on the most effective tactics.

Participate in a Relevant Twitter Chat

Twitter chats usually happen at a consistent set time each week and represent the optimal way to use Twitter for business. Twitter chats bring members of an industry together, and make it possible to network in a constructive and non-annoying way.

The key is finding a Twitter chat that represents a relevant audience for your business. Twubs and Tweet Reports both offer comprehensive calendars of scheduled/upcoming Twitter chats to get involved with. If you’ve never gotten involved with Twitter chats before, here are some tips for participating.

twitter lead generation

Get Help from Influencers

If there’s a specific resource you’re trying to promote (that has some kind of conversion factor for Twitter lead generation), consider seeking out the help of industry influencers. The most effective way to do this is to link to them in the resource, then tweet at them to let them know about what you’ve written. Since your audiences are similar, it’s like getting a Word of Mouth testimonial which is infinitely more effective than your tweets on their own.

Implement Hands-Off Delegated Tasks

Engagement on social networks can be a timesuck. If you’re running a business, it can be hard to justify spending your time on it. Even if you opt to outsource it to a team member or freelancer, the ROI for engagement efforts might not be there – especially if those people can help you be effective with other efforts.

Instead, keep an open mind about tools that can help you delegate tasks. Jooicer offers a few non-intrusive options for business growth:

  • List by hashtag in tweet: this module allows you to add people to a list based on a hashtag they’re using. This can be a great way to get extra visibility at a conference/tradeshow or in a Twitter chat.
  • Favorite tweets: this module allows you to favorite tweets for up to 5 different hashtags of your choosing (you can also specify the language).
  • Follow users by keywords or accounts they follow: Jooicer offers multiple different options to follow users – and a follow cleanup module to clean up your following/follower ratio if targets don’t follow back.

twitter lead generation

Implementing one or many of these tools can be an effective way to make sure your efforts are spent on the most important Twitter lead generation activities – leave the little things to your tools.

Pin a Tweet

One of the simplest methods for Twitter lead generation is by pinning a Tweet to the top of your profile in line with a conversion activity. For direct lead generation, this might link to your contact page (with a compelling call-to-action). For a conversion that demonstrates a more top of funnel activity, you might use this opportunity to try and create email newsletter subscribers.

twitter lead generation

I pinned this tweet to encourage Affiliate signups for AppSumo.

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

It’s no secret that a great Twitter bio attracts followers, and the same can be said with regards to Twitter lead generation. Besides making sure to include relevant hashtags and a link to the company website, make sure to include a compelling call-to-action (CTA) to help users convert. For example, if there’s an awesome lead magnet available to email subscribers, call it out in your Twitter bio.

twitter lead generation

Add a CTA to Your Cover Photo

Twitter profile and cover photos shouldn’t be used exclusively for branding purposes. After all, the brain process images 60,000x more quickly than text. So customize your cover photo to guide users into your marketing funnel – whether it’s directly to get in touch, to sign up for your email newsletter, or to make an immediate purchase.

twitter lead generation

Try Twitter Ads

If you don’t have a very big audience, or want to see some quick results, Twitter ads may be worth investing in. They’re not as comprehensive as Facebook’s ad platform, but can still be effective when determining how to generate leads from Twitter.

Implement a Consistent Content Strategy

Creating a high-converting content strategy means a couple important pieces:

  • Post a certain amount of times each day (in general for Twitter, the more = the better), and be consistent about it.
  • Create daily themes that offer a diversity of post types: sharing articles, branded tips, customer testimonials, and other themes that make sense for your business.
  • Use a tool like Buffer’s Optimal Scheduling (or Twitter’s built-in Analytics) to determine the perfect times to post, for maximum reach.
  • Use 1-2 hashtags in each post (but no more than that).
  • Include CTAs in posts to encourage action.
  • Use 80% of your posts to share useful content for followers, and the other 20% of the time to promote your business and products.

twitter lead generation

Buffer’s Optimal Scheduling Tool

Use Advanced Search to Find Warm Leads

In many cases, there are warm leads already out there on Twitter, just waiting to be contacted. Use Twitter search to find them with different search queries like:

  • Recommend [job profession/industry]
  • Looking for [job type]

Here’s what that looks like:

twitter lead generation

You can further drill down results by language, location, and other advanced search functions.

Twitter Lead Generation

By now, you should have more than a few ideas for Twitter lead generation. But there are certainly other tactics that weren’t mentioned in this article.

On that note, what are your tips for how to generate leads from Twitter? Tweet your insights at @JooicerGS, and we’ll share our favorites!

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